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“We have had extremely positive comments from our neighbours and friends on the transformation. We had the house revalued this week and are quite confident we have more than recouped the cost of the roof”.
C.Di Miglio, Sandringham, Sydney, Australia

“We have just had our old terracotta roof replaced with a Nu-Lok Slate roof. To say it has transformed the building is an understatement”.
J & T. Rogers, Mosman, Sydney, Australia

“Our new roof has met or exceeded all expectations and looks sensational. I have had a number of favorable comments on the finished look from friends and neighbours”.
M.Bowen, Cremorne Point, Sydney, Australia

“Improved the appeal of our 1885 two storey building, as well as rectified the major roof leaks we had put up with for some time, predominantly due to the cost of the new slate to the roof. We found the product to be a cost effective alternative…highly recommended to others in a similar situation”.
D.Bird, North Parramatta, Sydney, Australia

Re-Roofing - Load Limitations

“Because the house initially had a wooden shingle roof, the roof design could only support a lightweight roof. The Nu-Lok System tiles are significantly lighter than other types of tile so we were able to re-roof without undertaking major roof strengthening”.
M.Jago, General Manager, Mountadam Vineyards, Adelaide, Australia

Slate Compared with Ceramic Stone

“A number of friends have commented favorably on the Nu-Lok ceramic stone product all in the belief that ours is an authentic slate roof”.
W.Carpenter, Neutral Bay, Sydney, Australia

Fire Resistant

“Another factor in our decision to use the Nu-Lok System instead of shingles was the fire risk factor. The house is situated on a hillside with a border of native bush. We selected the Nu-Lok system to minimize our risk of the fire damage. With the previous wooden shingle roof we had to rely on the sprinkler system set into the roof, which added nothing to the visual appeal of the roof”.
M.Jago, General Manager, Mountadam Vineyards, Adelaide, Australia

Storm Resistant

“There have been a number of storms since completion of the roof and I am pleased to say there has not been a leak”.
W.Carpenter, Neutral Bay, Sydney, Australia


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