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Introducing the Roofsolver Seamless Solar Roof Insert system

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Why should I install a Roofsolver Seamless Solar Roof Insert system?

The Roofsolver Seamless Solar Roof Inserts convert light directly into electricity, without generating any waste or harmful greenhouse gases, saving approximately 450kg of carbon dioxide emissions per year for each kW peak installed. (Kilowatt (kW) peak – PV cells are referred to in terms of the amount of energy they generate in full sunlight).

Harnessing the sun’s energy and converting it into electricity, will not only reduce or even eliminate your electricity bills, it will reduce your daily impact on the environment.

No matter what system size you choose, from dayone you’ll be able to benefit from producing clean electricity directly on your own property. With rapidly depleting oil stores, a seamless solar roofing system will mean that in the future you can protect yourself from rising energy prices while protecting the environment from carbon emissions.

By installing a Roofsolver Seamless Solar Roof Insert system you will become a clean energy provider and profit from the experience!

Any extra electricity you generate with your Roofsolver Seamless Solar Roof Inserts system can be sold back to the national grid – so you can make extra money! Agreements are in place with major energy suppliers – providing you with even more security for your investment in renewable energy.

International studies also show that homebuyers will pay more for your environmentally sound home, making your nu-lok solar system a solid future investment.

What is solar energy?

Most electricity is generated from burning fossil fuels, which releases carbon dioxide and other hazardous gases into the atmosphere and contributes to climate change and global warming.

The sun provides us with the most renewable energy source on earth. Through harnessing the sun’s natural energy simply and efficiently through solar PV (photovoltaic) panels, we can convert it to clean electricity to power lighting and appliances in our homes. This is known as solar energy.

Advances in technology mean nowadays you only need daylight – not sunlight – in order to generate solar power. So even on cloudy or rainy days, your nu-lok solar roofing system will be working for you.